HUMAN SUSPENSION : Yes, this is right.  The act of suspension is hanging the human body from (or partially from) hooks pierced through the flesh in various places around the body.  We do this as a performance art, which amazes many people.  The common person doesn’t think to lump people hanging from 8 guage hooks in their body to be in the same vein as something as traditional as ballet.  It takes an open mind to watch, but our shows are intense and fun!

Tattoo Contests : We have a complete list of contest categories and rules HERE.

The Captain’s Sideshow : The Captain’s Sideshow continues to push their pain threshhold to the limit with their gutwrenching sideshow performance.  Watch them do everything that they can to “STUN” you, and leave in awe after they have poked, proded, blown darts at, and shocked their team to the limit!

Tom Hills’ Carnival of Curiosity and Chaos : The idea of a humnitarian freak show may seem a contradiction in terms, but that is just what Artist Tom Hill is producing.  Witness a comedic and surreal mixture of balloon popping burlesque, straight jacket escape, human blockhead, fetish play, bed of nails, boylesque, karma sutra and more!

Corset Piercing : Performed by 313 Suspension Team

Costume Contests : Age Categories – Age 0-10, 11-17, 18+.  Winner in each category receives a $50 cash prize.  Costume Contest will be judged by 3 celebrity actors.

Comedy Magic Show : David Shareef has been called one of the top 10 magicians in the country!  His performances are filled with lots of laughs and audience participation.

MS TATTOO PAGEANT : WINNER RECEIVES: A crown, Title with online recognition, a FREE Photoshoot and $100 in cash

Ms. Tattoo Pageant


–      Must be at least 18 to compete

–      Must be heavily tattooed with 5 or more large, visible tattoos.  We encourage unusual hair style/color, piercings and other modifications that make you stand out.

–      No inappropriate clothing (no thongs, breast or buttocks visibility)

–      WHAT TO “NOT” EXPECT – no rehearsals before pageant day.  – no required orientations.  – no opening number or choreography, and no talent competition.  – no required platforms (social issues or causes). – no political or religious questions from our judges.  – no height, weight, or sexual orientation requirement.

Each contestant will be judged in 3 different categories:

Overall Appearance



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